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We Provide Service to Where You Are

Services We Offer

When you need an auto repair service provider to come to your location in or around Birmingham, Alabama, get in touch with Antwon’s Mobile Mechanic Service. Here is a list of services we provide and their respective rates:

  • Brakes Front – $100 and Up

  • Oil Change – $40 and Up

  • Tune-Up for 4 Cylinders – $80 and Up

  • Tune-Up for 6 Cylinders – $100 and Up

  • Tune-Up for V8 Engines – $150 and Up

  • Steering Suspension – $250 and Up

  • Water Pumps – $80 and Up

  • Thermostat – $60 and Up

  • Radiator – $150 and Up

  • Belts – $60 and Up

  • Alternators – $80 and Up

  • Battery Installation – $50 and Up

Unlike other mobile mechanics, we give our clients the option of supplying the parts needed and paying only for labor. If you do not have the parts, we will gladly supply them for you.

We charge a diagnosis fee of $85.00 to come to your residence for servicing. Aside from that, we also require 50% of the labor cost upfront. We accept cash, money order, Visa, MasterCard, and Discover.

Antwon’s Mobile Mechanic Service
Phone: 205-617-3362
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